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Bubbling with Rye’s Energy and Vitale’s Magic

Part 6


Ah, it’s summertime, and I, Vitale, Henry’s, sourdough starter, can feel the change in the air! The warm weather has an incredible effect on fermentation, not only in me but also in my buddy friend Rye, another of my baker’s sourdough starters. Summertime really brings out Rye’s energy, and it’s quite a sight to behold!

You see, Rye is always full of vigor, but during summer, his energy level goes through the roof. He’s like a whirlwind of excitement, constantly bubbling and growing with enthusiasm. And you know what? It’s contagious! His spirited nature always rubs off on me, and together, we create quite the fermentation magic.

As the temperature rises, our dough becomes more lively too. The bread we help create in the warm weather is a lot different from the loaves we bake in the winter. There’s something special about that summertime flair that adds an extra zing to our bread.

With Rye by my side, we embark on summertime adventures, exploring the kitchen and spreading our doughy joy. It’s incredible how the season affects us as sourdough starters, and it beautifully carries over into the bread we help create.

So, here’s to embracing the summertime fermentation with Rye, my spirited sourdough companion! Together, we’ll keep the dough rising and the kitchen filled with warmth and excitement! 🌞🍞


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