The Art of Dough Scoring:

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Dance with Hydration and Seasons

By: Henry Hunter

Hey there, fellow bread lovers!

Isn’t it fascinating that bread baking is not just following a set recipe? It’s more like an elaborate dance that requires your full attention and creativity. We are talking about scoring today, the very art of slashing your dough right before it hits the oven. Beyond creating stunning patterns, scoring helps manage how your bread expands as it bakes.

Katie Halabrin * @ariselittleloaf

Now, let’s break it down a bit. Have you noticed how dough hydration can affect your scoring?

If you’ve been on this bread-making journey for a while, you know high hydration loaves are a bit more challenging to score. These loaves tend to be stickier and harder to handle. But there’s a thrill in the challenge, right? With a sharp lame in hand, quick and confident movements, you’ll soon master the art of scoring, no matter the hydration.

Katie Halabrin * @ariselittleloaf

Let’s throw in a seasonal twist: how do changes from warm to cold affect your dough?

In warmer, humid weather, your dough might rise quicker than usual. A rapidly rising dough could be sticky and hard to score, but we’ve got a trick! Try chilling your shaped loaf briefly before scoring. It firms up the dough, making scoring a breeze.

Katie Halabrin * @ariselittleloaf

As the weather cools down, your dough takes its sweet time to rise. A slower proofing dough is often easier to score but needs a little help in the oven spring department. Here’s a tip: make your scores a bit deeper, allowing more space for the bread to expand.

There’s something magical about navigating the ever-changing waters of bread baking. The shifts in hydration and weather might seem daunting, but each is an opportunity to grow and learn more about this wonderful process.

Katie Halabrin * @ariselittleloaf

Embrace the changes, adjust your scoring techniques, and keep the oven hot. Because, whether it’s a balmy summer’s evening or a freezing winter’s night, nothing beats the smell of fresh bread in your kitchen.

Keep baking and scoring! Till next time,


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