Navigating the Sourdough Journey: Hooch, Hydration and More

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By: Henry Hunter

The world of sourdough is an exciting one, filled with a delightful blend of art, science, and a dash of magic. Here at our baking community, our goal is to nurture your passion for sourdough, by providing accurate, easy-to-understand information and guidance. As your skills grow and your interest deepens, you may find yourself exploring further and seeking out more technical, in-depth information on sourdough science. When that time comes, rest assured, there are countless resources and our group experts ready to welcome your curiosity!

Our Approach to Sourdough Baking

Our approach to teaching sourdough is geared towards making the process accessible, enjoyable and fruitful for everyone. Each week we welcome hundreds of new members, many of whom are taking their first steps into the world of sourdough baking. It’s crucial for us to provide information that is both accurate and easy to digest. We strive to give newcomers a solid footing without overwhelming them with technical details. That being said, our information is not dumbed down. Rather, we’re providing the essentials you need to embark on this baking adventure.

Addressing Hooch: What to Do

One common query among sourdough enthusiasts is how to handle ‘hooch’, the liquid that sometimes forms on the surface of your sourdough starter. Here’s our simple, straightforward approach:

  1. Thin, Clear Liquid: If you see a thin layer of clear liquid forming on top of your starter, it’s safe to stir it back in. Following this, refresh your starter as you would typically do.
  2. Thick, Darker Liquid: In case a thicker, darker layer of liquid develops on your starter, we recommend you pour off the hooch before proceeding with your regular feeding. This helps maintain a balanced pH and prevents potential off-flavours from developing in your sourdough.

Get Started with Sourdough!


Ready to create your own sourdough starter from scratch? Check out our Sourdough Starter Guide for a straightforward, step-by-step process.

It’s More Than Just Bread

Our sourdough journey is about more than just baking bread. It’s about the joy of creation, the thrill of learning, and the warmth of community. Whether you’re a seasoned sourdough baker or a newbie with their first bubbling starter, we’re thrilled to have you in our dough-loving community! So, let’s put on our aprons, roll up our sleeves, and dive into the world of sourdough. After all, if baking bread were too tricky, we would have stopped eating it centuries ago!

Here’s to happy baking and warmer kitchens! 🍞💖


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