The Significance of Juneteenth:

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A Baker’s Perspective!

Hello, my dear readers!

Today, I wanted to take a moment to talk about something that is close to my heart. This day, June 19th, holds significant value not just for me but for our nation as a whole – it’s Juneteenth, a day that commemorates the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved African Americans in Galveston, Texas, in 1865.

Being an African-American man and bread baker, one of only a handful in our vibrant community of passionate home bakers, I find it vital to reflect upon my roots, the struggles of my people, and the significance of this day.

My journey into bread baking has been an empowering and enlightening one. Baking is not just a hobby or profession for me, but a form of self-expression, a way of sharing a piece of myself with everyone who tastes my bread.

Intriguingly, the art of baking shares a deep connection with Juneteenth. Following the end of slavery, food became an integral part of the celebrations, symbolizing freedom and achievement. Cornbread, which was a staple in the African-American diet during the time of slavery, emerged as a powerful symbol of emancipation and self-reliance.

Being part of this tradition of African-American baking instills in me a sense of pride and reverence for those who came before me. Each loaf of bread I bake is not just delicious, but a tribute to the resilience, creativity, and unyielding spirit of my predecessors.

As the administrator of the ‘Baking Great Bread at Home’ community, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with many of you – witnessing your passion for baking, your relentless pursuit of the perfect loaf, and your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences.

Bread, in my view, is a universal language. It transcends racial, cultural, and geographical boundaries, uniting us all under the shared banner of our love for baking.

Today, on Juneteenth, I invite you to join me in celebrating our collective commitment to freedom and equality. Let’s remember that our shared passion for baking serves as a bridge, promoting understanding, acceptance, and equality.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and for being an integral part of this wonderful community that cherishes the simple joy of baking.

Wishing you a contemplative and meaningful Juneteenth!


Henry Hunter

Group Administrator

Baking Great Bread at Home

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