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The Pedro Loaf

By: Henry Hunter

Drawing on the time-honored techniques of sourdough bread baking, I present to you the Pedro Loaf — a foolproof recipe for a delicious and aromatic loaf that I guarantee will impress. Inspired by my friend Pedro Toledo from the Facebook group “Baking Great Bread At Home,” this modern take on a classic favorite is sure to check all the right boxes for your sourdough bread baking experience

Set yourself up for success. Have a well-fed strong starter just as it’s peeking for a milder loaf.

Use a good high-protein bread flour. I use Bob’s Red Mill or King Arthur. Use wet hands for sticky dough.

And that’s it. Let’s get started. Makes one loaf.


400g of bread flour

300g water

80g starter

8g salt.


Start by mixing everything except the salt to a shaggy mass. If you’re going to use any herb inclusions like rosemary or basil, you can add them now.

Let the shaggy dough rest for one hour, then I add the salt. Using a wet hand I dimple it in and do the initial hand mixing for about 10 minutes. The dough will become extensible and elastic.

Do three more stretch folds, one every 45 minutes.

Perform a Lamination. This is where you would add any inclusions like cheddar cheese if you desire, then letter fold and pre-shape.

Rest for 30 minutes covered on the counter.

Final shape and allow the dough to bulk ferment in a banneton on the counter until it has risen about 50% in volume. About an hour.

Then into the refrigerator overnight.

The next morning preheat the oven and Dutch oven to 475°F/246°C for 30 minutes.

Score the dough and bake it in the closed Dutch oven for 22 minutes. There is no need to add water or steam here. If you want to achieve blisters, spray the surface of your dough with a little water.

After 22 minutes remove the lid and continue to bake until golden brown and the internal temperature reaches

200°F/93°C another 15 to 25 minutes.

That’s it


Share with us your success and your failures at “Baking Great Bread at Home.“ a Facebook group.

Note, if any of the terms used in this recipe are unfamiliar to you, check out our glossary of terms in “Baking Great Bread at Home.“

Use Henry Hunter’s Pedro Loaf recipe. It’s so easy and fun to make and tastes amazing. You can find it under “Files” at the top of this site, listed as “Foolproof Sourdough Recipe.” This recipe is the only one I use now, after trying about a dozen recipes. I gave a loaf of it to a neighbor today for his birthday. Good luck Diana Lynn! Happy baking!

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