The Holiday Baking Challenge

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This holiday season, the Facebook group, “Baking Great Bread at Home,“ is hosting a Holiday-Baking Challenge.

This challenge will help put us in a position to accomplish our overall goal, “This Holiday Season, Give Bread Instead.“

Our challenge will begin November 14th and run through December 9th, 2022.

How it works:
Participating members are asked to use the recipe we provide which employs the Tengzhong method.

You will see more about the Tengzhong method posted by Alice Peng. For The full recipe, tips, and tricks, or anything else having to do with this challenge, search #Bobs in the search bar above.

This method will result in a dough that can be made into several different loaves of bread. Choose one or create one, and start baking.

Members are invited to post a photo/video of their baked result ready to be gifted, along with the #Bobs to be eligible to win.

Each week we will select a winner at random using Google’s random number generator. Four weekly winners will receive the flour of their choice From Bob’s Red Mill.

The randomly selected overall winner of the challenge will receive a six-month supply of Bob’s Red Mill AP or bread flour.

As bread bakers, we are always looking for a reason to bake. So join us this fall as we discover new ways to create delicious bread baked at home.

No gift card can compete with your gift of a hand-crafted loaf of bread this holiday season. Perfect for your kid’s teachers, family, friends, neighbors, holiday parties, and holiday meals. There has never been a better time to get your bake on.

This challenge will help put us in a position to accomplish our goal, “This Holiday Season, Give Bread Instead.“

Good luck! You may find the recipe attached to this post and in the files located at the top of the Facebook group page titled, “Holiday Baking Challenge.”


(Not yet a member of “Baking Great Bread at Home?“ Follow the link and apply.

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