Semi-Annual Report August 2022

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Semi-Annual Report August 2022

Good afternoon home bakers. Twice a year, I give our membership a report on the health of our Facebook group “Baking Great Bread at Home.”

I am happy to report that the state of our union is strong!

As the admin, I see this Facebook data all the time, but I think it’s important for you to know how well our group is performing.

The following is a snapshot of Data gathered By Facebook for the last six months in a couple of key areas.

Membership Growth

As of this report, we are 23,174 members strong! In the last six months, we had 1,946 membership requests. Of those, we excepted 1,105 new members and declined 841 membership requests.

Membership Request

That means we turn away 76% of the applicants for one good reason or another.

If reviewing membership applications behind the scenes was all our admin team did, it would still be a lot of work, but that isn’t all we do.

This exponential growth is a testament to the hard work of our admin team. It’s also a tribute to all of you! I think you are all pretty special and we are very fortunate to have you as members.

If you ever wonder why our group feels so clean and vibrant, and why we experience so few real problems, it’s because of the work of our administrative team and you, as well as the incredible bakers around you.

Our goal is to provide a safe place for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and professional bakers to share their passion for baking. Successes and mistakes.

We know that great content is what keeps you coming back. So I’m happy to announce an expansion of our tools for learning and sharing.

Coming very soon is the “Baking Great Bread at Home” podcast. This will give us a weekly platform to learn from experts and for more in-depth discussions. Start thinking about how you would like to contribute.


Also coming soon is our “Baking Great Bread at Home” blog. This platform will allow us to explore recipes and techniques more in-depth than what is suitable for Facebook.

I’m very excited about both these projects and would like to invite you all to subscribe and consider contributing where you can.

So, that’s it for now. Keep up the good work! If you know someone whose presence would benefit us, encourage them to join our “not so little group.”

Happy Baking!

Henry Hunter
Group Administer

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