“Henry – Founder of Baking Great Bread at Home” Hello, I’m Henry, the founder of Henry’s Bread Kitchen and the creator of the Facebook group Baking Great Bread at Home.

We started this group during the pandemic to share our knowledge of bread baking. I remember celebrating when we had just 13 viewers on a Saturday morning and only 600 members. Look at us now! Tens of thousands of members strong we have grown to have 42 group admin Moderators and Experts we called the squad. The Bread Squad, where we give away our knowledge and help thousands of bakers every month.

I no longer sell bread for a living. Instead, I give away all the bread that I bake. I am proud to be associated and a founding member of Benevolent Bakers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to feeding those in need. Baking Great Bread at Home is more than just a Facebook community. We are a community of like-minded bakers who come together over simple things like sourdough starters, yeasted bread, sourdough bread, and more. It’s about sharing our passion for bread and supporting one another in our baking journeys.

Join us in this incredible community where we celebrate the art of bread baking, share our knowledge, and make a difference through our involvement with Benevolent Bakers. Together, we can create something beautiful and meaningful with our love for bread.

Welcome to Baking Great Bread at Home, where bakers unite and bread becomes a way of giving back. 🍞✨

join us, https://bit.ly/3srdSYS @bakinggreatbread

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