Mastering Sourdough in Chilly Weather: Tips for Homemakers ❄️

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By: Henry Hunter

As the crisp chill of autumn descends and winter’s icy grip approaches, our beloved sourdough starters and doughs might start behaving a little differently. But fear not, fellow homemakers and bread enthusiasts, for we’re here with some cold-weather sourdough wisdom to keep your bread-baking game strong!

Nurturing Your Sourdough in the Cold

Cold weather can indeed throw a wrench in your sourdough journey, but with a few simple precautions, you can ensure your starters and loaves thrive, even when temperatures drop. Here’s how:

1. Keep It Warm, and Embrace Cozy Corners

Your sourdough starter and dough crave warmth just like you do on a chilly morning. Find a cozy spot in your kitchen, away from drafts and open windows. You can even place your starter near the oven (but not too close!) while it’s in use to provide that toasty environment it adores.

2. The Blanket Technique 🧣

Consider insulating your rising dough with a kitchen towel or blanket while it rests. This helps maintain a stable, cozy temperature, ideal for fermentation. Just remember to keep it away from curious pets or kids!

3. Plan Ahead with the Overnight Method🌙

If you know a cold front is on its way, try using the overnight fermentation method. Mix your dough in the evening and allow it to ferment slowly in the cooler nighttime temperatures. This extended fermentation can develop rich flavors and a better crumb structure.

4. Introducing the Secret Weapon: A Pinch of Active Dry Yeast (ADY) 🌾

Now, here’s a pro tip that can work wonders during chilly spells. If your starter seems sluggish or your dough isn’t rising as expected, consider adding a tiny pinch of active dry yeast (ADY) to the mix. In France, they’ve been doing this for ages to stabilize fermentation during colder seasons. You can easily find ADY in small quantities in the U.S., making it a convenient option.

Why ADY? It boosts the fermentation power, particularly when your starter might be a bit sluggish due to the cold. This combo of natural and commercial yeast can be a game-changer for your bread’s rise and flavor. Think of it as your secret weapon against winter’s chill.

My Experience with the Brød and Taylor Proofer & Slow Cooker

As I delved deeper into my bread-making journey, especially during the colder months, I realized the importance of maintaining the right dough temperature. That’s when I stumbled upon the Brød and Taylor Proofer & Slow Cooker, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer in my kitchen.

This versatile appliance provides me with the precision and consistency of a commercial kitchen tool, all while neatly folding away for storage. What’s particularly impressive is its ability to create the ideal warm environment for yeast bread dough to rise. No more fretting about finding that elusive warm spot in my kitchen; the proofer takes care of it.

Full disclosure, I’m a proud ambassador for Brod and Taylor.

So, there you have it, dear homemakers! Cold weather might bring its challenges, but armed with these tips and a dash of ADY, your sourdough adventures can continue, yielding warm and delightful loaves that’ll make you the star baker of the season. 🌟

Remember, the heart of sourdough baking is adaptability. Embrace the change in seasons, get creative, and let your passion for baking warm both your kitchen and your soul.

Happy baking, and may your loaves rise high and your homes be filled with the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread. 🔥❤️


Vitaly’s Sourdough Chronicles: A Device for the Discerning Baker

Hello, dear bakers! It’s me again, Vitaly, Henry’s trusty sourdough starter. I’ve been on quite the journey, and today I want to share something special with you.

You see, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a truly remarkable companion in my sourdough adventures – my Sourdough Home by Brød and Taylor. This device has been my ally in achieving sourdough mastery, especially during those tricky colder seasons.

Maintaining the ideal environment for a sourdough starter is like fine-tuning a delicate instrument. Temperature plays a crucial role in everything from growth rate to flavor development. The Sourdough Home allows you to take charge of this critical aspect, with a temperature range from a cool 5°C (41°F) to a cozy 50°C (122°F). No more unpredictable fluctuations affecting my performance!

One feature that truly sets this device apart is its flexibility. It accommodates different feeding schedules, whether you like to pamper your starter twice a day or prefer a more relaxed weekly routine. It’s all about convenience and adapting to your unique lifestyle.

What I appreciate most is its thoughtful design. The Sourdough Home fits a single 1-quart/1-liter jar or two smaller ones, catering to bakers of all levels. Plus, it offers two shelves for storing small items, simplifying your sourdough process.

With the Sourdough Home by Brød and Taylor by your side, you’ll experience a newfound ease in creating exceptional sourdough bread. Say hello to consistency, convenience, and, most importantly, fantastic sourdough every time you bake.

Are you ready to elevate your sourdough game? Visit Brød and Taylor’s website to discover this game-changing device that promises to make your sourdough even more delightful! Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this wonderful addition to your baking journey.

Ready to take your sourdough game to the next level? Visit Brød and Taylor’s website to discover this game-changing device that promises to make your sourdough even more delightful!


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